What Vegans Eat: Vegan Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Vegan Protein Ice Cream

YUM!  That’s what I have to say about this week. I made some new dishes that I’m in love with and I want to share one of them with you.

I talk a lot about health and fitness on here, but I still enjoy desert from time to time so today I’m going to be sharing a dessert with you. Vegan Ice Cream is great because it’s fairly clean and it contains pretty healthy ingredients, the big draw back is that it is relatively high in calories.  What that means is that you can choose to eat this “dessert” as a meal like I did.  The secret to tasty vegan protein ice cream is BANANAS!

Now I LOVE bananas, so I’m inclined to love this recipe, most weeks I go through as many as 25-30 bananas!  I know it sounds crazy, but hey vegans love fruit haha.  I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy bananas and I think this is one of my best so far.

Vegan Protein Ice Cream

Vegan Protein Ice Cream

This is my take on a recipe from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken!

Okay this recipe is super simple and it tastes AMAZING!  There’s something about bananas being frozen and mixed with tasty toppings that’s just awesome!


-4 Frozen Bananas

-1-2 Full Size Cliff Builder Bars (I used two, but it was too much chewing)

-1 Scoop of Protein Powder (I used plain Pea Protein)

-1 Squeeze of Agave*

-1-2 Tbps of Cocoa Powder*

*I didn’t use agave or cocoa powder in the first recipe, but my experience with banana ice cream tells me this will enhance the experience for just a few extra calories, and a little bit of sugar.  If you prefer you could also use maple syrup to change the flavor profile but keep the sweetness.

Vegan Ice Cream Ingredients


-Take the 4 frozen bananas and blend them in a high powdered blender or a food processors until they are creamy and smooth. It may take a little while and you may need to kind of push the frozen chances back to the bottom as you go.  Be patient because this is the most important step.

-Once you have a creamy consistency add in the agave, cocoa powder, and protein powder and keep blending until it is well combined.

-Transfer your ice cream to a bowl or glass.

-Crumble up your cliff bar and and mix the chunks into your ice cream, be sure to save a few smaller crumbles to put on the top of your ice cream for that WOW factor!

-Serve and Enjoy!

(Makes 1 BIG serving or 2 Large Servings to share)

A quick word on Cliff Bars, they do have more than a few ingredients. However, they are relatively clean, they are vegan, and according to their site the bars I enjoy are 80% organic ingredients.  So if I’m going to enjoy a protein bar, I’m going to choose a Cliff Bar!

I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring healthy vegan meals and treats so I’m going to start sharing more of them will you.  So I want to know, what do you want to see more of, main dishes, side dishes? What are your favorite ingredients?  Let me help improve this blog to help you!

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  1. says

    Yummy Zach! Thanks for sharing. I made something similar last summer but I used strawberries. This sounds delish! I’ve never tried those protein bars either. Keep up the awesome job. I love the recipes. Tonight I’m making mushroom ravioli with a coconut curry sauce. Can’t wait. Talk to you soon, Lisa

    • Zach says

      Hey Lisa,

      Ohhhhh I’ve never thought to try other frozen fruits! I’ll have to make strawberry-scream? LOL! Definitley give Cliff Bars a try – they are GREAT! Come back and tell me how the ravioli was, I know you’re doing the vegan thing through lent, so I’ll want that recipe if they turn out good haha!

      Thanks for reading,

  2. says

    Hey Zach,

    I’m still trying to figure out how that makes ice cream. Looking at the photo it sure looks like it but my goodness.

    Now I do love bananas too and eat one every day but I’ve tried cocoa powder in stuff and I hated it. Now I love chocolate but maybe it was too much. I did what the recipe called for but it was disgusting. Love Agave and I’ve had the Cliff bars, yummy so I agree.

    I might be brave enough to try it, it sure would be better for me that’s for sure.

    Thanks for the recipe.


  3. says

    Hi Zach!

    Woo Hoo! Thanks for this recipe. I am a vegetarian, and haven’t eaten any dairy for the longest time. It’s always great to have a good recipe that I can enjoy.

    I will try this one! Protein is a bit of an issue that I need to keep aware of, and this can give me that lift I need!


    • says

      Hey Donna!

      Protein can FEEL tough for sure! If you hate cocoa it’s good without it too! When I first went vegan I was worried about protein but if you focus on whole foods and aren’t doing extreme training you will usually hit your protein requirements from my experiences!

      Enjoy you protein ice cream!


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