Vegan Buffalo Ranch Dip

Vegan Buffalo Ranch Dip

Last night kicked off Shark Week 2014 – I don’t have cable BUT I’m on a mini vacation from work so I was somewhere that I was able to watch the first day!  Honestly it was a bit of a let down – but I’ve seen worse so I wasn’t too upset!

Anyways, big televised events make me want to munch and snack on something – so I started thinking about what it was that I wanted to enjoy while I watched sharks.  My mind started to wander to the things I used to indulge in pre-vegan, and I remembered the ever popular buffalo chicken dip that everyone seems to enjoy!

Now, in the non-vegan version the main ingredients are cheese and chicken.  That meant I was going to have to change some things around to make it work for me!  After doing some research I developed my own buffalo ranch sauce, added in some jack fruit, and enjoyed!  Honestly – it was pretty darn delicious, I learned that I need to drain the jackfruit VERY WELL using canned jackfruit from my attempt.

A tasty vegan friendly alternative to Buffalo Chicken Dip

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Vegan Buffalo Ranch Dip
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: 5-6
  • 2 - 20 oz. Cans of Jackfruit or 2-3 Cups Fresh Jackfruit
  • ½ Cup Cashews, Soaked 8 hours
  • ½ Container (3 oz) Plain Non-Dairy Yogurt
  • ½ Cup Hot Sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons Non-Dairy Milk
  • ½ tsp Dill Weed
  • ½ tsp Celery Salt
  • ½ tsp onion powder
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  1. If using canned jackfruit, drain and press as much liquid as possible from them. You want them to be fairly dry so they aren't "juicy" when they are in the dip.
  2. Shred the jackfruit into small strips that will resemble shredded chicken. Place into a small pot and save for later.
  3. Place the rest of the ingredients into a high powered blender or food processor and blend until very smooth. You may have to take time to scrape down the sides and reblend a couple of times.
  4. Once you have the buffalo ranch sauce add it to the pot with the jackfruit and mix to combine.
  5. Cook over low-medium heat until heated through.
  6. Serve with celery and tortilla chips and enjoy!
Tips and Ideas
If you're not a fan of jackfruit, leave it out and just make a buffalo ranch sauce to use with a veggie platter!

Try placing the dip in a casserole dish and bake it to change the texture!

Add some vegan shredded cheese to the dip to make it more cheesy and delicious!

Can't find Jackfruit? Try your local asian market - it's very common there and I snagged it for under $4 for 2 cans!

Make sure you drain the jackfruit very, very well or use fresh. In my first attempt, the jackfruit was still wet under the sauce and could have been drier.

Here’s a few more photos of the final product for you to enjoy!

Vegan Buffalo Ranch DipVegan Buffalo Ranch DipIMG_4022If you enjoyed this recipe – please pin to Pinterest – let’s get this on as many vegan boards as possible!

Hope this is a big hit at your next major event!

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  1. says

    I think I can get down with this, but I had no idea there was such a thing as Jackfruit!

  2. says

    I usually bake the jackfruit for 10-15 minutes to dry it out a bit. Give it a much better texture. :) This recipe sounds like just the thing to make on this cool weekend. Thanks!

    • Zach says

      Wow Natasha! That’s a great idea – I’m still new to playing around with jackfruit – but next jackfruit recipe I’ll definitely try it!

      Thanks for reading,


  3. Sarah says

    Made this tonight and it was delicious! Exactly what I needed to curb my serious buffalo sauce cravings! I preferred it with the jackfruit, but I did taste the mixture before adding it in at the end, and as stated in the recipe, it’s great without it too. Thank you for a fabulous recipe that I will definitely be making again!

    • Zach says

      Hey Sarah!

      So glad that you enjoyed the recipe! I prefer it with the jackfruit too, but the buffalo ranch would be amazing with a chickpea cutlets!

      Thanks for trying it!


  4. Jen V. says

    Zach, this was so good!!!! My husband and I tag teamed the jackfruit, omg what a PITA!!
    …. next time I think I might take your advice and look for the canned version ;). I agree that the dip alone is awesome, but the jackfruit really complemented it. Instead of using the full hot sauce, I used half hot sauce and half chili sauce which was the perfect hotness for us :). Also, had to use walnuts instead of cashews (I thought I had cashews!) and didn’t soak the walnuts either. But it turned out great! I can see us using this recipe a lot. Thanks :)

    • Zach says

      Hey Jen!

      HAHA had to think what PITA meant for a second – but yea it kind of is! The No Fuss part of The No Fuss Vegan comes from the enjoyment, not the process sometimes haha! Glad it turned out well – you’re a regular chef yourself with all those substitutions!


    • says

      Hey Marie!

      I found mine at a local asian market! You can also get it on Amazon!

      Let me know how it turns out!


  5. Diane says

    Holy Bejeebees! I made this dip this morning and it’s out of this world with flavor! I love how you are not afraid to add tons of flavorful herbs/spices to your recipes. It’s what makes them stand out with a pow!

    • says

      Hey Diane!

      I’m thrilled that you love it, I’m never afraid of too much flavor when it comes to spices!

      Keep on keepin’ on!


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