How to Start a Food Blog in 20 Minutes

Don’t tell me, you’ve been thinking about starting a food blog right?

You’ve been thinking about it for a while, but you’re not sure you have the time or the resources! Today I want to show you how you can start a food blog and have it up and running TODAY, in just 20 minutes!

Stop Waiting!  Now is the time to get your food blog up and running!

For the next 20 minutes, close Facebook and silence your phone!  We are going to turn you into a food blogger in no time!

Start a Food Blog

(Disclaimer: Some of the links in this tutorial are affiliate links, that means that if you click through and use them, I make a small commission!  It’s just another way that I can afford to get AWESOME ingredients and build a kitchen that allows me to share even more great recipes!)

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Pick out your Domain Name and Get Hosting
  2. Let’s Get WordPress Installed
  3. Now Let’s Make it Look Snazzy

1) Pick Out Your Domain Name and Get Hosting!

This part is pretty awesome, because it starts with a world of possibilities!

My domain name is – but I love that in this first step you are open to millions of options!  Your domain name can be whatever you want.  But don’t let that overwhelm you, just take some time to brainstorm ideas for the name of your new food blog and when you find one that clicks… run with it!

We also have to get you set up with hosting!  Think of hosting as getting a plot of land online, your domain is the address, but you have to have a space to build on!  It’s a little more complicated then that, but this is the simple version!

Once you have an idea of what you want your domain to be, let’s take care of that an your hosting!  Head over to Bluehost and click on the Get Started Now Button!

From there, choose the starter plan!  This will allow you to have one website (your food blog).

This is the plan you want to pick!

Once you select the plan, you will be taken to this page where you can enter in your domain name, to make sure that it’s available:

This is the plan you want to pick! (1)

Once you get a domain name that is available, you’ll be take to a page where you can enter all of your information to complete the registration of your site!  Make sure that you have the following options checked.  Make sure that Domain Privacy protection is checked, this keeps your registration information private, so no one can see the address or phone number attached to your account.

Privacy OptionsFinish the registration process, and you’re almost through all the heavy lifting!

2) Let’s Get WordPress Installed

Now that you have finished registering with Bluehost, you have to install WordPress on your site!

WordPress is the same Blogging Software that I use on The No Fuss Vegan!  I love it because it’s quick and easy to install, simple to use, and there are TONS of places online to learn more about it!  WIN-WIN!

Ready to install WordPress, it’s simple!  Login to your Bluehost account and scroll down to the Webiste section. Click on the Install Scripts.

WP Install

On the next page, choose install new scripts and you will be taken to a new page with the options below!  Click on the WordPress Icon

WP Button

That will take you to this next page, where you will click on Install


That will prompt you to login on this page:

Make sure you choose Bluehost and use


From there, it is a one click installation!  You only need to click the instal button and save the following information:

  • Login Name
  • Login Password
  • Login URL

After you finish, type in the login URL you were given in your browser.  The login screen for your url (which should be will look like this!  Enter your name and password, then you will have access to your WordPress Software on your VERY OWN SITE!

WP Login Screen

3) Now Let’s Make it Look Snazzy!

You are now officially the proud owner of your very own food blog!  WOOT WOOT!  Do you feel totally different?  Welcome to the food blogger circle, it’s going to be a crazy exciting ride!

In just a few minutes you’re going to be sharing your crazy awesome vegan cookies, with that one secret ingredient you haven’t told anyone about yet!  Be sure to send me a link so I can check them out okay?

Before you start putting all these awesome recipes on your blog, there are some things that you can do to make your site look amazing!  WordPress offers a ton of free themes that you can check out here.  I used a free theme on my FIRST blog and since then I have also gone premium because I’ve found they offer better support, and generally look nicer!

These are the two premium theme companies that I recommend:

1) StuidoPress – The Genesis Framework

This is what The No Fuss Vegan is currently running on, a theme called Daily Dish Pro on the Genesis Framework from StudioPress.  They have other awesome themes like the foodie theme, and their support is top notch!  This is the place I recommend to EVERYONE that asks me about starting a food blog!

2) Elegant Themes

I don’t personally use Elegant Themes, however I do have a lot of blogger friends that love it!  I can say that they are a top notch company that offers excellent products and support!  If you don’t like the StuidoPress options, they are a great second choice!

Bonus Step: Post Your First Recipe

There is a little bit of a learning curve with WordPress but that’s okay!  Youtube and Google are your best friends – don’t be afraid to search if you get stuck!

For inspiration, check out some of the recipes on my site, then jump right in!  The world needs the recipes that only you can provide!

Best of Luck on your new site,

Zach Spuckler

“The No Fuss Vegan”

P.S. Be sure to send me the info about your new site – I’d love to check it out!



  1. Saniel says

    Thanks this was very helpful. I am not in a place to pay any monthly fees right now what are my options?

    • says

      Hey Saniel – I wouldn’t recommend a “free blog” it’s very hard to grow the same way and you are bound by LOTS of rules – with Bluehost you can pay for a whole year at once (still pretty cheap too!) and then not have to worry about monthly fees for the whole year :)

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