The No Fuss Meal Planning eToolkit

Meal Planning eToolkit

Well, I created an eToolkit for you on how to create your own delicious meal plans!  It breaks down my exact 5-step process of how I plan out my meals, stick to my budget, and am still able to create and enjoy delicious meals!

What is an eToolkit?” you quietly ask yourself.  Think of this as an e-book, step-by-step guide, and printable worksheets all-in-one!  It’s a 25+ page PDF with 5 printable worksheets, 2 resource pages, and 20+ pages to teach you how to use it.  That’s an eToolkit!

Meal Toolkit

The No Fuss Meal Planning eToolkit is Finally Here!

Are you tired of asking “what’s for dinner?” and coming home scrambling to throw something together so you can enjoy a nice meal?  Maybe you just want to stick to a budget but still enjoy cooking and eating delicious food!  Or maybe you’ve never created a meal plan before but you’re ready to see what all the “fuss” is about (No Fuss Vegan pun intended)!

This 25+ Page eToolkit Contains:

  • A step-by-step walkthrough to creating your own delicious meal plans
  • My 5-step system that is tried and true that you’re going to love using to keep meal planning, fun, simple, and easy!
  • 5 printable worksheets to fill in to create your meal plan each week, including a grocery store planner, a menu planner, and a prep day to-do list!
  • 2 resource pages with links to my favorite vegan recipe sites and a page on how to find which fruits and veggies are the cheapest – right now!

From my experience with hundreds of people who have watched me present on this 5-step system – you’re going to love this eToolkit.  Stop stressing over what to eat and snag this Meal Planning eToolkit today for only $7!

Get it Now $7


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