Kitchen Nightmares: The No Fuss Vegan Edition

Hey Everyone!  Over on my Facebook Page a few people had asked to see bloopers of my cooking!

Normally I don’t keep track of all of the things that go wrong – BUT last night I tried to create a recipe that I thought was going to be a KNOCKOUT but it ended so flat I actually threw some of it away!

Doesn’t pecan crusted tofu sound great?  Well I sure thought it did but it turns out that mixing maple syrup and dry white wine is a recipe for disaster, not tasty vegan food!  After draining my tofu for about an hour, and soaking it in a white wine male syrup mixture, I then dunked it in maple syrup and coated it in crushed up pecans.

CrumbsHere’s all the crumbs that fell off after cooking, about 80% of them!

Not only did I go into the cabinet to discover I was 1/2 cup short of the amount of pecans I needed – but the pecans were not evenly coating the tofu either!  This was a sign that the recipe was doomed to fail – but I kept pushing through!

After getting everything in the oven – I set my kitchen timer – and I never hit start so after some time I checked on the tofu!  I couldn’t tell you how much time because I never hit start, so I couldn’t even include the cook time, even if the recipe did go right!

Some of the tofu ended up being different sizes – so some of the crushed pecans burned off – and the pieces of tofu that didn’t get pecan crust, just ended up burnt.  At this point in the recipe, the tofu is winning and I’m losing!  So once it comes out of the oven I let it cool off and pick up the first piece and half of the coating falls off!

Okay – this whole thing is a disaster I’m telling myself – but I still have to try how it tastes.  Let me just tell you that white wine, pecans, and maple syrup are never going to be close friends!  I thought the sweetness of the syrup would compliment the dry wine while the pecans brought a refreshing flavor into the mix.  I didn’t – it tasted pretty dang terrible, a 3/10 at best!

pecan crusted tofuDoesn’t this look to die for?  Or maybe not, haha!

I was so confident this recipe was going to work out that I didn’t prepare another recipe for you guys today – so instead you get to enjoy the first ever Kitchen Nightmares: The No Fuss Vegan Edition!

Many people including friends, family, and fans have asked me to post stuff like this!  Sometimes my recipes are disasters, my kitchen is complete turmoil, and it takes me 2 hours to get a solid picture that I like!

But this post is to share with you that I’m a regular guy, just working hard to make tasty recipes

This isn’t a food post – but I want to have this be a fun blog that you can enjoy!  Did you enjoy reading this post, would you like to see more like it or are you only here for the Food?  Comment Below and let me know what you thought?

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