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Thank You Very Much

Back in November I ran an Indiegogo Campaign to help me raise money to make the trip to Vida Vegan Con to learn how to make this site and The No Fuss Vegan Community even better.  From their site:

“Vida Vegan is a vegan media and lifestyle community, bringing together creative and enthusiastic individuals of all sorts, including bloggers, social media users, activists, event planners, video hosts, authors, business owners and more.”

Well my goal was to raise $1300, and we managed to raise $810 – I was thrilled because this was enough to purchase the conference ticket and a plane ticket!  The only thing I had to figure out was lodging, but the universe smiled on me and someone is going to let me stay with them just minutes away from the conference, that means I’m going to make it!

The reason I had to raise the money so quickly and so far in advance was that I had to plan out and purchase tickets for the entire trip BEFORE January so I could show the proof of travel at the beginning of my Spring semester to make sure that my school wouldn’t interfere with my trip.  If you don’t have travel planned BEFORE the semester starts, sometimes it’s hard to convince the school to let you take the “vacation” – even though this is a working vacation haha!

Vida Vegan Con

Let me just take a hot second to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This is going to be huge for me and I can’t put into words how much it means that the community came together to help me make it happen!

Now as a perk for donating, I promised a shout out on my blog to anyone that shared their name, and a more in depth shout out to friends that had a friendly and relevant business I could share with you guys!  So without further adieu, here are the amazing people that helped make this trip possible!

Thank you to Lisa Magoulas 

Lisa and I go way back and her story and blog are amazing!  She helps people get in the best shape of their lives while improving their overall health. After losing 80 lbs she now knows how to help people achieve their goals from personal experience. Lisa doesn’t believe in dieting, she believes in setting small goals and working towards a better life! Lisa is a member of the American Association For Drugless Practitioners as well as a certified holistic health coach. Find out more at www.CoachwithLisa.com

Thank You to Sharon Dangles

Sharon Dangles is a Certified Health Coach, weight loss & detox specialist. Based in New Lenox, Illinois, Sharon assists clients via phone or email. Sharon helps busy women by resetting priorities, visualizing what you really want, and reshaping your life. She created a simple lifestyle program for busy women on-the-go who wanted to be Slim, Sexy, & Smart too. Sharon graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Find out more at www.SharonHolisticLiving.com

Thank You to Matt Jager

I was fortunate enough to meet Matt online, chat with him and even do an interview with him.  His prospect on plant based living is unique and very in line with the beliefs that I share on The No Fuss Vegan!  Matt has a progress over perfection mindset and he works hard showing people that living a health life can be easy and fun!  Oh and he has this amazing little thing call “The Chipolte Method” that is just too dang cool – like you need to go to his site and get it ASAP.  Find out more at www.DontLoseTheCow.com

Thank You to Tatiana Amico

Tatiana is another amazing friend I was able to meet online!  She’s vegan just like me and her blog and business is amazing! She’s helping people lose weight, get healthy, and do it in a way that they can LEARN how to lead a healthy life.  Tatiana isn’t about quick fixes, she’s about changing lives and creating healthier futures for her clients.  Plus she’s one pretty cool chick too! Find out more at www.TatianaAmico.com

Additional thanks Goes Out to the Following People who are awesome and donated to the campaign and left their name for me to share :)  Many of you are in the No Fuss Vegan Group on Facebook and I love chatting with you on a daily basis!

Carla Richardson

Donna Spear

Connie Oestreich

Helyn Dunn

Jackie Hubbard

Jackie Rooths

Fay Eastwood

Chris Demko

Darlene Steinis

Teresa Capldo

Thank you again for being an amazing bunch, your generosity has truly touched me and I can’t wait to see what we do next!

Here’s to an AMAZING 2015,

Zach Spuckler

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