The Best of 2014

It’s almost the new year and it’s crazy to think that The No Fuss Vegan started just 6 months ago.  On July 1st I changed the name of my website and decided to pursue my passion of blogging and creating vegan recipes!  Today I wanted to pull all the best content of 2014  together into one place, everything from the blog stats and recipes, to other blogs I love – you’re going to get the total year in review today!

I thought it would be fun to share some stats from the year so you guys can look under the hood of The No Fuss Vegan – I just think it’s so cool to be able to do that!  So here’s some cool stats. (Oh and if you don’t really care, that’s cool, keep scrolling down for food stuff :) )

Site Stats

[Social Media] Since July 1st, 2014

  • The No Fuss Vegan Pinterest Board has seen 6300+ Repins
  • My Asian Orange Tempeh Recipe Was Repined Across Pinterest over 1250 times!
  • The No Fuss Vegan Facebook was started and gained over 2100 new fans!
  • The No Fuss Vegan Facebook GROUP was started and has over 1,000 members
  • Facebook Posts from The No Fuss Vegan Page were displayed in the newsfeed over 250,000 times!
  • The No Fuss Vegan had recipes featured on 3 Major Foodie Sites – Finding Vegan, Tastespotting, and Food Gawker
  • Photos of recipes were shared on Facebook over 1,000 times
  • I still need to learn how to Twitter and Instagram better haha!

[The Website] Since July 1st, 2014

  • The website has been seen by over 25,000 people
  • The website has been viewed over 60,000 times
  • The average visitor spends about 1 minute on the site looking at yummy food
  • Most visitors come from Facebook, followed by Pinterest, then Google searches

[Products and Programs] Since July 1st, 2014

Bottom Line: Tons of Growth in 2014, and 2015 is going to be even better!

The Best of 2014  [No Fuss Vegan Recipes]:

Best of 2014

Now, onto the even fun-er stuff haha!  These are the top recipes that were featured on this site based on how many times they were viewed!  The top recipe was view over 6,000 times in just 6 months – how crazy cool is that?

Each of the recipe names below links back to the recipe so you can just click to visit it – don’t forget to like and share these with someone that will love them!

  1. Asian Orange Tempeh
  2. Crockpot Mac and Cheese
  3. Hawaiian Portabello Burgers
  4. Cheesy Broccoli Soup
  5. Lasagna Roll Ups with Spinach Ricotta
  6. 4 Ingredient Pumpkin Bites
  7. Cauliflower Taco Bites
  8. Buffalo Jackfruit Dip
  9. No Bake Pumpkin Pie Squares
  10. Chocolate Coconut Panckaes

The Best of 2014  [Vegan Blog Inspiration]:


I also thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite blogs from 2014.  This a feature of the 5 blogs from my 2014 that were integral to the creation of The No Fuss Vegan!  Without these sites, I don’t know that mine would even exist – so a big thanks to them!

  1. Minimalist Baker –  They feature recipes that are sinfully delicious! Not ALWAYS vegan but 95% of the time they are, and with recipes like vegan cinnamon rolls, creamy roasted red pepper pasta, and even vegan ice cream, you need to get over there…like now!  (Oh and Dana and John taught a class on food blogging and photography that showed me how to start and grow this blog!)
  2. Oh She Glows! – Before I even knew that vegan blogs were a “thing” I was following Angela!  In fact she was the first vegan blog that I EVER made a recipe from, and Angela wrote first vegan cookbook I EVER bought – seriously her site was a game changer – and her Glow Bars are amazing!
  3. Vegan Yack Attack – Sometimes I want to look at deliciously amazing food, but I also want to be in shock and awe at the beauty of food photography, so I visit Jackie’s site!  She does an amazing job featuring food and I can’t wait to meet her in person at Vida Vegan Con in 2015!
  4. Vegan Richa - Richa is an amazing chef and her blog is just straight out of this world – but what I really love is that she’s so approachable!  I’ve actually had conversations with her online, she’s down to earth, friendly, and working hard to improve the vegan community with delicious food and a wonderful style!  Check out her site AND her upcoming book!
  5. Post Punk Kitchen - When Isa and Terry get together, things get wild…and delicious!  Terry Hope Romero did the first vegan cooking demo I’d ever seen at my first VegFest, and her and Isa wrote The Veganomicon – you could say they wrote the book on amazing vegan cuisine  Basically anything and everything you could ever want vegan, the PPK has done it!

The Best of 2014  [Vegan Cookbooks]:

I think it’s safe to say that 2014 was the year of the cookbook for me – I starting scooping up every cookbook that I could find, in fact before 2014 I had ZERO vegan cookbooks, crazy right!?!?  Anyways, these are the best, coolest, and most delicious cookbooks that I picked up this year, not necessarily all published in 2014 though haha.

Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. However I own and LOVE all of these cookbooks, that is why I’m recommending them.

  1. The Oh She Glows Cookbook – As my first ever vegan cookbook, it holds a special place in my heart!  It’s also the first book that got me playing around with tempeh – without this book my most popular recipe – asian orange tempeh – would have never come into existence!
  2. The Veganomicon – basically the vegan bible, it’s not all healthy but it’s all unique!  Everything from your basic wine sauces to doughnut cupcakes! (Oh and definitely check out cheater baked beans)
  3. Thug Kitchen – Not for everyone, this book had a ton of cussing and swearing but all in the spirit of good fun!  Aside from being packed with “thug lingo” it’s also got really delicious recipes! My personal favorite is the pumpkin chili – sounds interesting, tastes amazing!
  4. Salad Samurai – This book is packed with pictures, which I love, but beyond that it’s so cool to see so many twists on your basic salad!  From dessert salads, to pizza salads – Terry Hope cooks ups some really cool stuff in her book!
  5. The Vegan Stoner – this one is a TOTAL junk food book (as the name might imply) but what I love about it is that all the ingredient lists are drawings!  You cook from drawings and it’s just so unique and creative, plus there is a KILLER peanut stew recipe in there that I bring to potlucks all the time, and it’s always a big hit!


So there you have it, The No Fuss Vegan review of 2014!  I’m so thrilled to be on this amazing journey with you and can’t wait to see where 2015 takes us!

Here’s to a great year and maybe even a new cookbook ;)

Zach Spuckler

“The No Fuss Vegan”

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    Wow, Zach you’ve had a whirlwind year! I’m looking forward to watching you grow even more (and make more yummy recipes) in 2015. Happy New Year!

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      Hey Jen!

      Thanks – it’s been a crazy ride, and I’m loving every second of it!

      Chat with you “next year” ;)

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