Apple Pie Chia Pudding Recipe

What a beautiful weekend it was!  I got to open up the windows and just cook as much as my hearts desired!  I made all kinds of things this week including veggie burgers, raw cherry pie, hummus, and I did lots of work creating and designing new recipes too!  Not to give anything away, but I’m planning PB&J pancakes that are going to be 100% vegan and 100% tasty!

One of the best things about weekends like this is that I get to go outside with Ted (My Shih Tzu) and plan my meals for the next week!  I usually don’t end up following the plan exactly – but it helps me create a grocery list and gives me lots of ideas that get my creative juices flowing!  Here’s a pic of my layout for planning meals outside, you may notice I have a LOVE for cookbooks!

Outside Set-Up

I’m pretty excited for this week because I have a bunch of leftovers from my exciting weekend that will make the week easy breezy when mealtime comes!

One of the things I made this week was Apple Pie Chia Pudding!  After finding one of my new favorite vegan sites  – The Rawtarian – I’ve been thinking a lot about Raw Desserts!  I love the raw recipes because they are whole food, no guilt, and “minimal dishes” types of recipes!  Who doesn’t want a pie or a pudding that makes them feel healthy, right?

After creating a chocolate pudding from The Rawtarian I had the idea to create another decadent chia pudding, Apple  Pie!  It turned out pretty good, so I’ll share it with you!

Apple Pie Chia Pudding

Apple Pie Chia Pudding

Apple Pie Chia Pudding Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A simple chia pudding that mimics the wonderful flavors of a baked apple pie!
Serves: 2
  • ¼ Cup Cashews
  • ¾ Cup Water
  • ⅓ of a Medium Apple, (I used gala but Honey Crisp would have been AMAZING!)
  • 5-7 Dates
  • ¼ tsp Nutmeg
  • ½-1 tsp Cinnamon to taste, I used closer to a tsp, but I like a lot of cinnamon in things!
  • 2 Tbsp+ 2 tsp. Chia Seeds.
  1. In a High Blender, Combine the Cashews and Water, blend until it creates a creamy cashew milk.
  2. Add the Apple and Dates to the blender and blend until smooth.  Just cut ⅓ of the apple off and eat the rest while you "cook"!
  3. Add the cinnamon and nutmeg to the blender and once again, blend until smooth.
  4. Taste the pudding base, and add more cinnamon and nutmeg if you want.  Tip: If it's not tasting sweet enough, you can add in dates a couple at a time until it reaches desired sweetness.
  5. In a bowl with a lid (I used a pyrex bow, but you could also use a tupperware container) combine the chia seeds and the pudding base.  You can just use a fork to make sure it's well combined.
  6. Allowing the pudding to set for at least 2 hours, 6-8 hours is usually best though!
  7. Enjoy in a fancy glass with apple slices, or in a regular bowl with a spoon!

What other types of recipes would you like to see?  

Do you like the idea of desserts that leave you feeling guilt free?

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  1. Cin Fagan says

    Thanks for the Apple Pie Chia Pudding recipe. Can’t wait to try it! My daughter and I were talking just yesterday about how much we miss our favorite dessert. Think you could come up with a vegan recipe for Key Lime Pie? Love, love, love guilt-free desserts! Thanks.

    • Zach says

      Hey Cin!

      OMG a vegan key lime pie, does it have to be raw too??? I’ll see if I can’t come up with something good!


  2. says

    Oh my goodness! This looks delicious! I am a sucker for anything for my sweet tooth so keep them coming :)

    • Zach says

      Hey Emily,

      Well thanks! Stay tuned there a cherry pie coming this week too ;)


  3. says

    I love that besides dates, I already have everything to make this recipe. I have never tried dates before so maybe it’s finally time. I would love to try this! Shh… I am a recipe/cookbook hoarder!

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